FIRST Robotics Competition

Competed in the FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition for four years, including two as Team Captain and one as Lead Programmer. Attended Washington State and World Championships. Developed control algorithms to correct for mechanical errors and variances and to assist drivers. Emphasis on team leadership, management, resolving conflict, planning, and prioritization.

Awards: FIRST Dean's List Semifinalist, Control Award (for programming and autonomous systems), Think Award (for management, documentation, and process).

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Independently developed Mac app written in Javascript and Electron, with hundreds of paying users in dozens of countries. Castbridge connects incompatible home audio streaming ecosystems by enabling sending audio from Mac or iOS to Google Chromecasts via AirPlay.

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A Discord bot for the Olin Class of 2024. Integrates with Zoom to display call status.



Hacky, temporary, and probably broken—but invaluable as an opportunity to explore something new.

Super Tiny Compiler

A compiler for a newly-created language that compiles to Javascript. Designed as an extensible platform for exploring compiler construction.


Solar House Model

A simulated model of a solar house, aimed at evaluating different design parameters. Originally written for Olin's Modeling and Simulation of the Physical World course.



A simple command line tool for managing school work and note taking. Also enables rendering Markdown to various academic formats.